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Web Design Services

Web Content Writing

SEO Services

Application Hosting

Web Design Services

Web Design Services

When you are serious about your Business, you seek professional assistance from experts like Sitefitters. We provide a full service web design solution that focuses on custom building rather than using pre-existing templates. We want the uniqueness of your vision to stand out for relevancy. From design, to writing content, to handling your SEO, we have you covered!  We are experts in building:

  • Small Business websites 
  • E-commerce websites 
  • Professional Websites 
  • Corporate websites 
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Web Content Writing

Web Content Writing

In order to connect to your audience or attract new potentials, your web content has to be consistent with the vertical or business segment at hand. That alone isn’t even enough. Are you also taking in consideration search engines, end-user devices, audio or voice-based interactions? How can we make sure your content ranks on the first page of google?  Copywriting is one of the most important part of building a converting website. Tell us more about your project and we will make you proud. So far we’ve written high ranking content for:

  • Technology sites 
  • E-commerce sites
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Not for-profit 
  • Entertainment & Media 
  • B2B Sites 
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SEO Services

SEO Services

We take an organic approach to SEO. We want your web content or product to be shown in Search results locally where your clients make buying decisions. Are you relevant at home? We then strategically expand your reach nationally &  internationally.  The most converting SEO has always been through organic results. 85% of searchers prefer not to click on your ads. Save your money and let’s work on the natural, true you first. Our SEO Services include:

  • Local SEO Services 
  • Priority keyword placement (1st or 2nd SERP) 
  • SEO-driven & optimized content 
  • E-commerce SEO Solution
  • Mobile responsive SEO content 
  • National and International SEO 
  • Human language translation Services 
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Application Hosting

Application Hosting

Build the most amazing website in the world, if your end user and customers are dealing with slow loading sites, then your work is a failure. You are in good hands with Sitefitters!  What sets us apart from other design firms is we have full ownership of our hosting infrastructure. This means we own the servers, the network and bandwidth along with the IP addresses that powers your website. Cloudfitters our parent company makes it all possible. Our customers get to benefit from:

  • Highly available and Fast loading websites 
  • Your SaaS application hosted and supported 
  • Your Business apps like email and databases 
  • Secure and Private Hosting 
  • Site optimization Services 
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery
We handle your Technology

The Clean, the Corporate

Business driven corporate website that creates your true identity. Clear representation of  objectives, Sitefitters makes you proud among your peers and competition.

The Start-up, the Excited

Keep the excitement alive, but be mindful of the work ahead. Sitefitters will design the masterpiece you need in order to stand out and compete in such a saturated market.

The Small Business, the ambitious

Without ambition and goals, your website become another blog. Here at Sitefitters, we want to make sure your website has all the moving parts from presentation, messaging and call to action that results into a positive outcome. We position your small business on top of the world webs for visibility and traction.

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The Niche Market business

When targeting a niche market, your Business has to adopt a culture of assimilation with your audience. The look, the feel of your website coupled with relatable synergies and empathy can win over any prospect. At Sitefitters we are the connector, the machine that exposes your products and services.

Let's build your Website in 3 Easy Steps

1- Discovery Stage

Congratulations on taking the first step! We set time aside to understand your needs, your vision and objectives. Our assessment is always free in person or by phone with no time limit. Tell us if you want an existing site rebuilt, moved or optimized.

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2- Pricing Details

I know the first thing you want to know is always cost so we make sure to be transparent and honest upfront. We will submit a quote based on our assessment and discussion. If it makes sense, we will move to next step.

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3- Completion Timeline

Sitefitters is committed to ensuring your timeline for going live is met and exceeded. The quicker we can get your site built, the faster you can go to market with your products and services.

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Committed to your Online Success

The playing field is not always fair in such a competitive landscape. Sitefitters was built around creating a Business identity that truly reflect your ideas, your goals at all cost.
Is the Website you truly want to represent your brand what you currently have?
Do you have a clear Business identity that stands out and attract end-users?
What’s your strategy when it comes to getting new Business and growing?
Do you have the frontend and backend technology to adequately run your Business?

Why Businesses work with us?

Imagine for a moment you need a website. You buy the domain from a registrar, find a hosting provider , they assign a random  IP for your website. You will then need to go find a web designer, then a digital marketing agency and the list goes on.

01 Project lifecycle

02 Customer Success as a Priority

03 Traffic that matters

Project lifecycle

It feels good to work with an agency that handles it all. From finding your domain , Hosting, assigning clean IP addresses, providing true and result-driven SEO and managing your website for the life of your services. That's exactly what we do.

Customer Success as a Priority

We want our customers to win the trophees instead of us. While many service providers are busy collecting accolades and awards, they forget about the customer. Their wins matters.

Traffic that matters

Over 55% of all search results were from Organic traffic. In other words, your visitors did not click on an Ad, but naturally found you based on their search term. Sitefitters focuses on ensuring your Business ranks on the first page. By doing so, you Business has a higher chances at wining and exceeding goals.

Regain Authority

When content is outdated and your design lacks up to date information, you begin to lose your position, your customers and potential buyers, We understand change can be scary, but if the end goal is to regain your rank or authority, then it's worth it.
  • Rebuild your old Site

  • Attract More

  • Convert More

  • Local Presence

Data & Research Based Web design

We have yet to fail in ranking any keyword when we analyze closely and research thoroughly. We want to understand your story but we also work on key areas of improvement within your existing environment.

  • Site analytics : Page loading speed, popularity, keywords are analyzed based on current and historical data.
  • Keyword research: Is anyone searching for the keyword selected, keyword ranking difficulty and more.
  • Competitive Research : In order to compete properly, we need to know our competition and how they are ranking.

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